Saturday, October 16, 2010

Two disasters in one evening

Disaster No 1:

I usually fight with my daughter for the tv remote - I win at around 9:30 pm when she finishes dinner and no longer has any of her cartoons running on the four channels she follow. And then I turn to MasterChef Australia. I drool!

And then there was gurbani, rona, dhona, mataji, patiji, drama, hamming, heartbreak!! See anything familiar? If you were not aware (not likely) of what MasterChef India was all about you would be confused as to what the big deal was all about. They all cry, curse, plead on any sundry reality show, what was the big deal here? And where was the class? Maybe, just maybe, the fault lies with the production house, who must have brought in people who know nothing better. Just add some naach gaana, and there hit ho gaya. Am waiting! and will someone get rid of the gelled hair of all the men? unless ofcourse there is money and sponsor involved.

And am waiting for the dekchi to be sponsored and the tel to be sponsored and the @%#$%@$#@ gas to be sponsored.

And Akshay decide what you want to be, Gordon Ramsay or a wimp. You cannot be both. and I hate you now for wearing that flowery shirt - reminded me Ratish Makhijani from college.

Disaster no 2

Rakhi Sawant Ka Insaaf : it made my skin crawl. Maybe this is entertainment for the masses! And if the masses want this then they deserve all the other crap on TV.

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