Sunday, October 17, 2010

A different sort of Dusherra

For the fifth year running I forgot to pick up marigold flowers, loose leaves of gold (sona patta - it's a leaf that is given on Dusherra day as a token of good luck and is supposed to symbolise gold) and pedhas meant for the pooja in the morning at home which are then distributed as prasad along with some coconut. As usual at 7 in the morning there was a mad rush to buy everything and sane mithai shops do not open. So we returned home to a rather annoyed better half and mother. That is when I decides to make the prasad at home. Here is the recipe:


Puffed Rice lightly toasted - 2 handfulls
Grated coconut - half a cup
Black Sesame seeds toasted - 2 TbSps
Raisins - half a cup
Broken Cashewbuts - half a cup
Any fleshy firm fruit - I opted for an apple - chopped - half a cup
Jaggery or Brown sugar - 1/4 cup grated or seperated
Sandal powder - 1 tsp
Rose Water - as per discretion
Camphor - half a tablet crushed
Honey - 1 tbSp
Ghee - 1 tbsp
Gulkand - 1 tbsp - use rose petals if gulkand ot available or even marigold flower petals

Now mix everything starting with the puffed rice and serve it one spoonful at a time to everyone who comes and see their expression. My daughter loved it.

It was different and it was a great start to the day.

Hope you find your devils to kill too. And not just in your heard but also in your heads.

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KAVEETA said...

Hey great, thanks for receipe, i will surely try this.