Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sorting my thoughts

Some smart arse googled me last month and found some stuff that is to the least politely put - obnoxious. These are people with rather low esteem of themselves - people who have been asked to step aside and hold that against me. The comments posted on every mention of me on the internet has caused me immense damage ( happy arse? ) and also lead to a quite resolve. To be vocal, with my thoughts and ideas and issues. Pushbuttonthinking and Alchemy of thoughts along with One More Verse became my reference points on the net. It gives me immense satisfaction to express myself. Kind of catharsis.

Sorting my thoughts

What is immediate, top of mind and personal, stuff that I want my friends to know come on Facebook in the various status messages and link I post. They are a mirror to who I am. My likes and dislikes.

Pushbuttonthinking is my diary. My long form, made for posterity notice board, where I write longish pieces on work, world, coffee shops, cakes, daughters, friends and books. In time I hope to be able to read through these posts and re-live frustrations and angst and joy that I went through. About moment of terrified loneliness.

Alchemy of Thoughts was to be a collablog - an effort that fell apart. A place for ideas on advertising, branding, building companies and startups. In time I hope to bring the collaborators back and persuade them to write again. It is time for them to speak up again.

One More Verse is my last collection. The poetry that never got printed. Jerry Pinto told me once that my work is shallow and that there are better writers out there. It made me stop writing fiction and poetry altogether. My loss entirely. It took a great deal of courage to put the work out in public. I shudder at the thought of someone reading it and telling me that its crap. ( please do comment nevertheless, I will survive )

The real reason for this post is to point out that there are organisations and individuals out there who will make a judgement about you by going through what google throws up in the first two pages of a search result. These things matter more to them than the person or his word. So when you see yourself from the eyes of that guy who is reading about you, what do you want him to know? Your ideas and your personalities or someone else's version of who you are? I want to be sure that when Tamara, my daughter reaches an age when she would google her father's name, she will get the real picture - a balanced viewpoint - with all the greys and the warts.

I admire people who have quitely made a name for themselves using social media. I will never be able to do what they do so well - sell themselves to a large buying audience.

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