Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Seven inches is enough say the Blackberry Boys!

There its been finally said: All those guys and some gals who had a problem with the size of their equipment - the kind they flash in public and imagine they are getting 'the' looks for it - Seven inches is enough!! And it is endorsed by the all knowing guys at Research in Motion.

All this mine is bigger than your started the day the orginal bad boy of techies, Steve Jobs decided to justify the size of his new toy by calling all the others 'tweeners'. And boy did he get them annoyed.

Am sure we will very soon have the ones with bigger sizes clobbering the ones with smaller toys, all in the name of being ahead of the curve. While Apple, RIM, Google, Facebook make money off our need to conform to their distorted reality.

But then who am I to complain. I will merrily build things around all sizes and be happy with my E71.

And if you want entertainment read through this article which inspired me to post this comment

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