Wednesday, October 17, 2007

days down the drain

it begins well. the day i mean... at 6 am i wake up, alert to the sound of the car being washed in the parking bay on the ground floor. me being on the first floor does not help. my feet feel sore and the muscles ache from inactivity. i have withered away over the years. The muscles from the legs and arms have slowly turned into blubber and a stretch of it has been resident around the tummy for years. 6 abs are meant for actors who at 40 live life they want to. I have emis to pay instead.

by 7 30 i am out of the gates of the complex, i have not felt the breeze or realised the mumbai is getting pleasant. its a rush to get ahead of the rush.

it still feels good. the day is still promising. By 8 15 am in the pokey office of 'the startup' i am a part of. 8 30 is breakfast of the same thing that i have eaten for the last 4 months, one idli, one wada, one bowl of oily upma. i try to be innovative with it, eat half the upma first, the an idli with chutney and then a wada. maybe i will try the wada with the chutney tomorrow. Maybe the day after I will eat the upma last and soaked in sambar. with 5 items the combinations are many and it can keep me mused for somedays.

The the chai, chai is good. its sweetened with some sugar free - some have said that i will die of sugar free poisoning - my take is that in Mumbai the average life cycle is anyways depending on your surname. and if u ever happen to have a life threatening situation you will die for sure at the same spot stuck in traffic. it does not need to be sugar free.

after that is chaos!

Days go down the drain when one expects things to happen. For calls to come and smses to your frantic messages. It is wrong to hope for impossible things. Wrong to hope that today the day will be better than yesterday. That the universe will collaborate instead of the usual demolition job it does.

Days are human I suppose.

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