Sunday, October 28, 2007

cyclical life and such

It is back to the routine. I successfully broke the rhythm for 3 glorious days. Now it is back to routine. Live before.

I guess there is no such thing as dreaming for myself. There is no such thing as me. Am part of some whole. Either work or family, there is no place that says there is me.


No Smoking!

The film I like. The concept I do love, but then why did it have to be the director's personal take on so many thing!!! (what the fuck! Why am I saying this, after all when the script was written the first time, the movie was enacted in Kashyap's mind and there on it was his version. Each time someone saw it was reinterpreted)

To watch this movie you need to shut yourself up from everyone. It is a very personal film. Smoking is just a metaphor. It could be pot, hash, porn, women, money anything. You get addicted and play games with yourself. You go down down down down into the depths of wallow. So when K goes down into the depth of Mumbai he actually is visiting hell.

He gets into a lab and is a lab rat, the satan watches over him constantly. until he is reduced to being a shell - the soul goes missing. K becomes human, he will entrap another animal to gain back his fingers. he will not smoke.

Very very bibilical. Someone asked what was Kashyap smoking when he wrote this movie. I assume he was on grass. He would not have written this if he were normal.


Now you sunil r nair have to promise not to do what you did in the last week. You will not cherish what is not yours and will not try to win battles you know you cannot. You will not act like a fool. There is enough of that in the past to prove that you are a fool, we can do without it again.


Monday mornings are the same everywhere.

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