Sunday, October 21, 2007

nextgen and musings

my next generation is here.

Over the weekend have driven some 300 odd kilometers one way to reach a temple built by the family that runs the Venky's brand of Chicken products. You have to drive down on the Pune - Mumbai highway cross Pune and go beyond for another 20 odd kilometers to reach a serene Balaji Temple.

I am not religious, for a large part of my life I thought I was a Protestant Christian. My grandfather, a preacher who never did do anything spectacular in life used to pray in a sing song way in the evening, while my dad a hard core Nair waited patiently. It was only when my sister reached her teens that my religion became an issue. Particularly when a family friend came to dad with an alliance for her - the prospective, unsolicited groom was a guy working with a small hotel as a bell hop, and the reason given for the kindness was that since my sister was a half breed she would never get a good boy! that did it for my dad. He became an overnight Hindu and did everything to ensure that a couple of years later he spent a bomb on getting sister married Hindu style. He must have slept easy. And we became a non secular Hindu family.

I got married hindu style, daughter's birth and naming was the same. I guess I want her to have some sort of an identity that she can stand by. Guess she will choose what she wants when she wants.

What I wanted to say here is that my next gen is here and how.


Dual life will mean something - one here and one someplace else. One life here and one there. Multiple personality disorder.

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