Friday, September 14, 2007

loser me?

I am not an ICSE / CBSE school product - i passed out of SSC state board
I am not a stanford / yale / leeds / oxford / MIT / Sing U grad. I passed out of Pune Univ with barely enough marks to make grade for a post graduation in management
Am not from IIM or IIT or BITS - my post grad batch had all those guys who did not make grade to even the most prestigious mba program in Pune.

To make matters worse I never worked for Tatas, Infy, Wipro, Google, Microsoft or even Reliance. My career has been with startups and small sweat shops that never made it any place.

I have failed several times - sometimes because I was raw, sometimes because my dad did not inherit anything. Some of the most frustrating times has been working for people who tried to clip wings to suit their purposes. The best boss I ever had is a gentleman called Neeraj Roy, the worst is your guess. I never have managed a decent ref check ever from anyone significant

What I can do best is think innovation. I can put disparate things together and come up with ideas that work. I understand technology, marketing, funding and some bit of human intelligence.

I work hard.

Maybe thats why I try so hard. Why I do not relax. Why I am hyper sensitive to barbs.

Loser me is not true because I have not lost, I have abdicated and have come back stronger.

Am human.

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