Wednesday, September 12, 2007

social networking hogwash

First there was ryze in India, then came myspace, then linkedin, then the latest kid on the block - orkut. now there is facebook. Ergo one now jumps between these networks trying to keep in touch with friends who also happen to be on all the networks at the same time. It seems like every new kid gets people to jump onto the bandwagon and loses the same people to someone else. I guess retention would be in the levels of about 4% - 4% of all people who come in at the initial surge will remain while the others will move away.

This was seen earlier in email systems. Everyone who was anybody had an hotmail account, then lycos, them aol and so on. Now people have a gmail account. The difference is that this gmail login and password is the universal kep to everything that google provides.

Facebook is interesting since it is a platform that allows others to plug in their applications. Inane applications that help you 'poke' people. There is an economy that is being suggested around facebook, we have to wait for sometime for anyone to see what that means.

In the meanwhile does anyone know what bigadda and gang are doing?

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