Saturday, September 1, 2007

uh oh!

should it be this, should it that? in the past month my head has had so many things going on that it is impossible for me to remember to write about everything.

hence uh oh!

How about that piece about a classmate coming across my name in a mag and googling me to find that I am his neighbour? One wondered if it was wise to leave so many digital trails for people to find me.

Or the thought about the way things never change back home in Pune? About the comfort of familiarity and therefore the slumber of sameness. Of death of thought and the impossibilities of growth. Of times of childhood and of growing up and marriage and then leaving it all. Of rebirth. Of winning, of falling in love again with the same people. Of missing the world who make me me and of not missing them in the expanse of fast furious six lane traffic of the western expressway?

And reading relentlessly about Google and Microsoft and Linus and Ford and IBM and starbucks - trying to make sense of what to do with this 8 month venture that has grown so fast. And realising that it does not have any rules, That we will have to invent and invest in the new.

Sometimes of even the joy of reading out to my 15 month old girl. Of her wide eyed wonder and the Aeroplane ( annna ) that flies over her head in the evening. Of the crows and the pigeons and cats and missy doggies that inhabit her world. Of my ambition of writing a book of stories for her and her age friends.

Time - there is never time to do anything. When was the last time that we sat down and talked about nothing, about eloping from the hustle and bustle.

Time is not the only thing we do not have?

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