Friday, July 6, 2007

old memories, old socks and other such little bits from the back of the mind

When ever I have been asked to introduce myself I have stumbled and tripped - often leading to unintended jokes and awesome regrets. Let me try this once again.

was born in pune, people at various educational institutions tried to make me learned. have done sundry jobs, been a writer (yesyes published), columnist (only male columnist in a woman's mag), behind the counter salesman, footstool, old furniture, durbaan, software marketer, serial failure, travel writer, tea estate guide, criminal at large, devil incarnate and so on till the city of mumbai finally gave me a small makeover. (it actually happened on the first day in Mumbai when I stood on the Kurla flyover and wondered which was west)

found refuge where most scoundrels find work - advertising and then learned to unlearn and work with chota mota companies till I wrote the business plan for - thats an online TV channel and not India's youtube.

have a little daughter and a patient wife and one fish. 1200 books, four volumes of handwritten poetry and the hope that someday soon I would be able to retire to the nearest hillside and grow vegetables.


Found an old friend who worked in a documentary with me. She had married early and vanished from the face of earth. Now she comes as a surprise, a placement / recruitment professional. But so much has changed in the years in between. 1994 was a different era - the IMRC canteen had so much character and there was promise. She has changed - a mom of a ten year old and a wife for 14! and I have changed - 'battle scars that show up in your words'. We knew each other, now we do not. there is a decade and a half of not knowing - and we are strangers from the same period of life that was.


Found an online forum too - The Rosary School forum - inhabited by the net junkies of this generation. Posted a request for the 88ers to show themselves and no responses so far. That 19 years have gone by and memories have faded is apparent. Wonder what Sandeep Oswal is doing now?


For some reason the past twenty years have been on my mind for some days now. Maybe it is the time for spring cleaning. To dump the old socks and file the yellowed pages away for eternity.


For some reason the rains this year are different :)

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