Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cadell Junction Thoughts

Once in a while I walk around the Shivaji Park. Past mayoral bungalow, past veer savarkar smarak, past penkar's gym right upto the petrol pump and crossword and then turn left into the tree lined avenue and walk around the historical ground made famous by sundry politicians.

Could not resist the urge for a murky coffee and indulged for a full 45 minutes - alone on a corner table with the Outlook for company. Bliss.

Took off when I realised that 45 minutes of bliss means nothing unless there is something to look forward to. Maybe it is time to find something to look forward to other than work and a few stray passions.

The Cadell Cafe junction is inviting, Mahim bay at one end with it burdened waters and Dadar at the other side. Try standing there at the signal waiting for an enternity for the red to turn to green. Fortunes go on four wheels. Some the size of my bed room!

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