Monday, July 23, 2007

the great harry potter con game

a few weeks ago there was harry potter mania all around. people were standing in all night queues and fighting over the right to be able to buy the book first. People were supposed to have fought over things like who dies in the last edition and so on.

Here in Mumbai wife paid 750 bucks in advance five months ago to book a copy. She wanted to go out and pick up the book at 6 in the morning - gave up the idea thinking that she would have to wait for hours. Later that day at 6 pm she was surprised to find out that there were no queues, no fights, nothing. The books were not sold out and copies were available easily. To add to the insult the advance booked copies were dished out by disinterested salesmen in pathetic plastic bags. She could have walked in the day the sixth book was released and got the copy just like that. What an anti climax?!!!

It seems some 50000 copies were booked in advance in Mumbai. Thats 37.5 lakh rupees that the bookstores got in advance for 5 months interest free. Wow!

The same will get repeated using the media and advertising for iphone and for the next book thats deemed a world best seller.

Its a great con game and am a part of it.

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