Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A book and winged victory

Been reading 'The Good Muslim' by Tahmima Anam, a Bangladeshi writer who is now a global citizen. The writing reminds me of reading a screenplay. I am at page no 75 as of this morning and I went through the fragrance of a pineapple field, a river and its fertile delta and a mango tree. And the common idiom that India shares with her neighbours.

Imagine the stories that are never told because they are not written in English. Of the books that are never going to get read because they were written in a language that is not common. Thank lord for writers in English who bring the local grit, mud, sand to the books they write in English, while keeping the taste of the country intact. This also brings me to that great subcontinent question: why are we divided if we share so much of history and habits.

And now at the fag end of a day filled with agitation, I stumble on this link : The Louvre Less Travelled. I have done this walk, seeked out the oddities in the Louvre while the masses went and gawked at the popular legends. It was done over two days, the first spent in understanding where we were and what we did and the second in seeking out these gems. If you ask specifically at the information centre, they will give you a list of these treasures.

It is a pleasure to be doing something other than thankless work.

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