Thursday, May 19, 2011

I can see ghosts...

I am on the other side now. I work for a large global organisation and almost everyday meet atleast two startups who pitch for the business ( imagines or otherwise ) that we can give them. Having been on the side of running a startup, raising money, pitching a concept, managing starvation and creating a viable business, I can imagine the eagerness of the guys to prove themselves. And I can see through the shallowness of the concepts. I wonder why there are no mentors who can guide these entrepreuners through the stage where they are fodder for corporates.  I was told once that outside DAKC, the Reliance ADAG headquarters are deadbodies of startups that perished trying to service Relaince ADAG's demands. Am sure if I look carefully we would also have a few skeletons outside out gates.

And honestly most of the companies that I have see do not solve any big problem, they are either derivatives of existing ideas, waiting for just enough mass so that they can find a buyer (prefer google, but facebook will do). It is painful to have to go through shoddy presentations, fake accents and fake stories and get to the core of the ideas.

Am yet to see a great idea that can change the game, something that can make me cry out with joy. Instead I can see ghosts, tired ones, like stale jokers who have lost their mojo. Cottage industries that will get consumed by either the greed of people like me or screwed by investors.

Yesterday, on way to the company, had an idea - can I get 500 people to invest Rs 2000 - the cost of a good dinner in Mumbai, which we can invest in a noble idea like Nurture Talent ( that educates startups or in a venture that is exceptional - I do not know what exceptional is as of now, but am sure like love and death, one will know when one is close.

I want to explore the opportunity in water, in waste management and education. In visual display of information. In a micro funding model for artisans. And not take more than 5% equity in the company for the Rs 1000000 that would get invested using the crowdsource model.

Would you help me?

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