Sunday, May 8, 2011

Break ke baad - layered cookie

I took an unintentional break for a few weeks. Did not find anything interesting to write about in the middle of moving homes, Tamara's big yellow schoolbus, the job, painters, furniture moving, electrician and carpenters and tailors.

A couple of days ago Tamara, mom and Hema went on their annual vacation. This allows mom and Tamara to spend a few weeks with my sister and my nephew, Tamara gets to boss around her 'Braather' and I get sometime to myself. I get to lazy around, think, watch tv and generally live like a single man for a month. By the end of the first 48 hours, I usually get bored out of my mind, especially if its a weekend.

So between reading the entire Calvin & Hobbes collection (yes I have the hardbound copy gifted by a friend), and the option of going across to a coffee shop, today I opted to stay at home. I made a simple Rice Noodle and Sprout Pulao for dinner. All you need is some rice noodles and some simple spices and a heart to innovate. You cannot fail.

Dinner done by 8 30 pm! and I wanted something more - options are go to the nearest coffee shop, the amul icecream parlour or to the Iyengar's Bakery on Veera Desai.

I opted to stay at home and make something with whatever was available. It is baking right now as i type and I will know if it worked in around another 15 mins.

Here is what I did - The help had left some chapatti dough for tomorrow - the size of a normal adult male fist. Or dough made with half a standard tea cup of regular flour. Add to the ready dough two table spoons of ghee and four tables spoons of sugar. Knead it into a nice glossy ball and leave it in the fridge.

Take 7-9 dried figs, half a cup of almonds, an half inch of ginger, 1\2 teaspoon cardamom powder, four teaspoons of sugar, some peanuts and pulse all of this together until you get a rough mix.

Take the cold dough and divide into 3 portions, roll the 3 portaions to make 3 half plate sized sheets on a foil using enough flour so that the dough does not stick to the foil. Now layer the sheets with the fix and almond mix. Crimp the sides and brush it with egg wash and sprinkle sesame seeds on top.

Preheat over to 200 degrees cel. and bake for 30 mins till the crust turns golden brown.

I am not sure what it is going to be like, but what the heck.

The oven beeped and my cookie ( i will call it a cookie, you can call it whatever you want ) is ready

I have to wait for it to cool and the cut it into small wedges. It smells great.

It tastes, nice, kind of nutty with caramalised sugar.

Hope you enjoy making it.

(I did not use any baking powder or bicarbonate of soda, hence the crust is dense and not crumbly, you might want to use the two to get a slightly more crumbly cookie)


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