Friday, June 8, 2007

of boxes and babies

Do you remember that famous Mastercard ad where everything else has a price but the best part of life - babies playing with an empty carton is free? I used to have a smile whenever I saw that ad and always wondered if babies are like that. Some 372 days ago my first born was handed over to me. A little dusky baby girl with fingers so thin that I was worried for days that if by chance someone pressed to hard they would crumble. It was divine intervention, everyone from moms and fathers to strangers were all convinced that it was going to be a baby boy and lo and behold we had a little girl, and I was the only one who always thought it was gonna be a girl (ok, we are getting cliched). Coming back to babies and boxes. This afternoon our girl finally discovered the box! she has chucked everything else and has been trying out this while cardboard box, she tried to crawl into it and then over it and last seen was trying to use it as a drum.

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