Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Android of things is coming, be very connected. Soon.

News that Google is buying Nest has come with the usual analysis and postmortems. Let us face it, Google is no longer a search / media company. They are slowly getting into the space of creating an OS that will keep us engaged with the space around us.  Roy Tennant of DigitalShift says eloquently that "I have a variety of opinions on the topic, but one seems inescapable. Google already knows so much about us. Having lured us into sharing our deepest secrets through free services like Google Search, GMail, Drive (formerly Google Docs), and many others, they inevitably want more." That 'more' is what Nest would provide, that more will come in the form of Internet of Things Architecture (IoTA) that I bet Google will go after very soon.

So here are a few predictions:

1. Google will buy more wearable technology companies to complete the Google Glass ecosystem. All those in India wanting some bit of sunshine - here is what you must do - go after creating apps for the Glass ecosystem, go after creating solutions that will enable Google to track everything about its users. Let us assume that Google will not be evil about the data and go get some money into the bank.

2. This year - 2014 will be the year of the Internet of Things. So get ready to have all kinds of things talking to all kinds of things, exchanging information and providing real time responses. Google Now was just the tip. wait for the Tsunami to hit.  

3. Android will move / Has moved beyond the 3 screens it was originally planned for. It will be the life juice behind the cars, behind the Thermostats, The AC, The Fitbit, The med equipments, The sugar monitors. Providing Google with minute details  that go beyond location, content and context. Imagine what it can do for advertisers with this kind of data, imagine what it can serve up easily on each one of us. 

This is going to be exciting. And scary. When did they say Skynet went sentient? 

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