Wednesday, February 6, 2008

coffee! musings

It has been found recently that coffee gives you the following:

1. chance to find company. ask a woman out. if you can tolerate her post the first cup, it is worth investing more time. else find a coffee shop that is quite and make love to a book.
2. Gossip: leads to reality check and then realisation that sometimes what you miss is not the coffee or the cup or the barista who served it, but the company. dont let go of company. lavazza sucks honest!
3. Increase in blood sugar levels: even when u use sugarfree. try it black with no sugar, eventually you will find that it is sweet too. the aftertaste - burnt or half golden roast and all that. keep it down to one cup a day, that way blood sugars will not get as high as you might not want it. Black is best, specially if it is with Alan Greenspan for company ( if you ask me who that is, you have lost your only chance)

I wrote 2 of my best works in coffee shops. First was chatroom blues written at the poky barista at FC road six years ago and the second was coffee shop tango written in a competition and abandoned at the end of it. I started something half intelligent and gave it away to others, it is called caferati. My relationship with coffee is enduring, it does not matter where I am i will take refuge in the comfort of a Barista or a CCD. Strange cities are tolerable when the same murky indifferent coffee is the same lipstick stained(!) is served by people who care less or do not know the difference between good or bad coffee.

Someone asked me why i have so many cups if coffee - answer is simple : i have lots of time to kill. I have books to read and I have people to observe. I like spending time talking poetry with people who understand poetry, like asking questions that are easier when u can look at the foamy muck and ignore the answer. People get close over coffee, people get ideas, romance is possible, flv servers are orgasmic when coffee is served and my CTO waxes eloquence.

And then coffee gets me into trouble too. Ask around and you will know. Ask me out for coffee? Do you want to really risk it? Coffee can make you fall in love. trust me, the others seem to think it that way. :)

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junoesque said...

i agree

the coffee sucks...

i am yet to get a decent cup of cofee - hot or cold any where. in india at least.

but the various fall out effects of what can happen around a cup of another story altogether.

jai kaapi !!